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Welcome to Tulsa’s premier provider of custom technologies for your home and business. Our team has more than 125 years of combined experience, and we’re committed to providing you with exceptional service. Whether we’re providing expert technical support or implementing the latest technologies to move your project to the next level, we work hard to ensure your full satisfaction.

smart technology service consultation


We use our significant experience with custom smart technologies and integrated systems to discover the best solutions and products for your vision. We provide advice on the most reliable technologies and brands available, along with those that work well together. We answer your questions and keep you informed about the latest technology trends and innovations, and we provide you with creative ideas for incorporating life-enhancing technologies. And we’ll help you avoid pitfalls that can save you money, frustration and time down the road.

technology solutions design engineering

Design & Engineering

We put the time and thought into precisely designing systems that give you the perfect balance of aesthetics, reliability and functionality in your business or home. We pay careful attention to the details to make sure your technology solutions are simple to use, perform well and leave room for future upgrades and expansion. From the wiring layout and interior aesthetics to the location of the equipment racks, device controls, and power management, we place a high premium on planning your project.

technology system deocumentation

System Documentation

By documenting the design of your technology system before construction begins, the process goes more smoothly. We provide all the involved contractors with clear drawings showing locations of devices, pre-wiring, schematics, technical power, control systems for lighting, automated window treatments, video sight lines, planned spaces for equipment, special requirements for video, and more. We work closely with the entire construction team to minimize any confusion and to ensure that the project runs smoothly throughout.

smart technology project management

Project Management

Completing a smart-technology project on time and with the desired end results requires razor-sharp planning, organization and allocation of resources. In addition, all protocols and procedures must be met, and any problems that crop up need to be resolved swiftly. Our project managers provide oversight of all the details and communicate frequently with you, your contractors and subcontractors. Job sites include multiple moving parts, and having one go-to, experienced individual responsible for bringing it all together can keep everything running smoothly. Integrating the various subsystems required for lighting and climate control, security, audio and video, and other systems works best with our proactive approach and effective communication.

construction administration and logistics

Construction Logistics

When we consult with you on construction logistics, we put our expertise in problem-solving to work. Some construction sites can include thousands of contractors, teams and individual employees — which can get chaotic. We keep the individual teams and people working together smoothly by helping you identify solutions to manage workflow as you meet your critical deadlines and insurance requirements. We also offer comprehensive consulting services for portal and badge systems along with options for handheld check-ins, development of custom software, technology for project reporting, training for team members on RFID processes and more.

wire installation of smart technology systems

Wire Installation

You can’t see it behind your walls, but cabling and wire provide the electronic backbone for your entire smart technology setup. The quality of your wire installation plays a significant role in the performance quality of your systems — audio and video, security, CCTV, communications and networking. Our technicians plan and set up your wiring either in new construction or when you upgrade your space. We take pride in providing you the best wiring plan for your needs and installing it to maximize your system’s performance now and in the future.

smart technology and integrated system implementation


Smart technologies and integrated systems include many moving parts, and putting them all together requires expertise, skill and precision. Different brands and products require specialized knowledge and experience to create functionality and optimal benefits. Our highly trained technicians engage in continuing education and are always up-to-date on the industry’s best practices and newest standards. Our mission is putting our quality craftsmanship to work to design and implement your system for the best possible performance.

control systems programming


How do we make custom technologies user-friendly and high performance? We do so by focusing on advanced back-end work. Control systems are bringing together an increasing number of subsystems, including media, lighting, shades, climate control, audio and video, and more. With these components essentially speaking different languages, we translate it all into one easy-to-understand dialect. Even if you select the best equipment, the quality of the programming will determine usability in real-world conditions. Our programmers strike a balance between the human element and expert technical knowledge, so you won’t need to read a detailed instruction manual to use your remote, keypad, touch screen or other smart device to manage your system.

smart system monitoring services

System Monitoring

We provide peace of mind by performing scheduled maintenance and by optimizing system performance for energy savings and maximum functionality. We make it easy for you to keep a watchful eye over all your technology, using a variety of devices, so you can track real-time information about your temperature, security, lighting and more. We also can monitor your system, including your access devices, to ensure optimal performance. If your system is offline, experiences communication errors or reboots, we receive automatic notification to conduct a service call.

technology system maintenance and support

Maintenance & Support

Technology maintenance requires ongoing attention, and we believe in proactively supporting the systems we install once an installation project is complete. Just as cars need periodic maintenance and parts replacement over time, integrated systems and smart technologies also need regular checkups. When something inevitably goes awry, we’ll be there to repair it promptly. Even if another integrator has installed your system, we can provide support and expert guidance you can trust. We’re also proactive in communicating with you about the newest technologies to enhance your systems, along with needed firmware and software updates for your existing installation.

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