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6 Easy Ways to Save Energy With Your Home Automation System

Save Energy Home Automation System

Smart home automation systems provide you with the ability to control climate, security, lights, media, video surveillance and so much more from the convenience of your mobile device. It provides accessibility and confidence no matter where you are in the world, so you can fully engage in your priorities. An added bonus to your home automation system that will no doubt bring a smile to your face is decreased overall home energy consumption. 

Home automation systems lower energy consumption and therefore household expenses! They also open the door to diminishing your carbon footprint—a great way to embrace responsibility for environmental change. Properly programmed lighting, temperature, shades, and ceiling fans along with utilization of the one-stop “all off” electronics command can create great monthly savings for you and your family to enjoy.

1. Lights Out - A home automation system will provide energy savings by turning off lights when kids or adults forget to shut them off as they leave a room. Motion sensors confirm lights are on for safety and room occupancy, and then turn lights off when they are no longer needed. There is no reason to waste energy by lighting an empty room, so motion sensors make sure you only have the lights on when they are necessary. Additionally, lighting can be programmed to automatically dim as the sun sets, to create an inviting evening atmosphere.

2. Temperatures Regulated - Your home’s automation system provides the opportunity for you to schedule the temperature changes throughout your home to meet your specific needs. Energy savings are evident as air conditioning and heating are decreased automatically when you are away from home. And your temperature changes can be coordinated with your other automated electronics, such as shades, fans, and lights. Simply put, when you introduce a programmable mode to your home’s temperature, you will enjoy consistent savings.

3. Shades Down - Have you ever noticed how hot a room can get when the sun is beating through the window? There is no need to tax your air conditioning system due to the effects of sunshine bursting through your windows. Automated motorized shades are programmable to close at specific times of day and keep your house cool and operating at peak efficiency. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of being able to lower the shades with the touch of a button as you sink into your favorite couch to enjoy a family movie night!

4. Ceiling Fans On - Programmed ceiling fans are able to turn on and off at predetermined scheduled times. They help your air conditioning and heating systems work most efficiently by circulating the cool or warm air. They decrease the energy consumption of your home year round, saving you money regularly.

5. “All Off” Command - While leaving home in a hurry, have you ever left the television on by accident? You may have been heading to an important meeting or possibly even leaving on vacation. Your automation system can be programmed to sweep through your home and turn off or modify any electronic devices still running. There are a variety of ways to activate a complete or customized “all off” household feature: by the arming of your security system, the signaling from a motion sensor, or the closing of your front door. The “all off” feature allows you peace of mind that you didn’t forget anything and provides another means of energy savings.

6. Decrease Phantom Energy Drain - Surprisingly, a variety of appliances drain a reasonable amount of power even when they are turned off, including everything from your dryer and toaster to your microwave. The energy used from appliances that are plugged in, yet turned off, represents up to ten percent of your monthly electric bill. In the past, the only way to avoid this energy drain was to unplug appliances when they were not being used. Your home automation system can undo the appliance “standby” modes, appropriately and effectively saving you monthly on your electricity bill.

You can enjoy the many benefits of a home automation system, including increased energy savings and decreased household expenses. Contact us today for a free consultation at (918) 856-3547 and discover the many benefits of a home automation system. Our custom technology and simple solutions will streamline your life so you can enjoy the things that matter most. 

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