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6 reasons why you should never use an indoor TV outside

If you’re dreaming of creating an outdoor entertainment space on your covered patio, screen porch or poolside veranda, you might wonder if you can get away with putting an indoor TV outside. Especially if the home is in a warmer climate where you don't expect too much precipitation. However, selecting an indoor TV for the outdoors, even if it’s covered, is risky! Here are six reasons you should never put an indoor TV anywhere outside...

1. Safety

Open the first page of any TV manual, and you’ll see a section warning you about the dangers of putting an indoor TV outside. Indoor TVs pose a risk of an electrical hazard if used in a wet outdoor environment. Besides the risk of electrocution, one small short, and your TV (you thought you would save some money with) can cause some pretty expensive damage.

2. Damage

Speaking of damage, if you think that indoor TV is safe under your patio, think again. Humidity, dust, insects and sunlight can all compromise the inner workings of the device. A professionally installed outdoor TV will include waterproof components with thick gaskets to seal out moisture. This is especially important when housing media players, cables and other equipment that accompanies the TV.

3. Compromised Devices

A TV shock or short due to moisture can cause damage to other connected devices, which means more equipment you may have to replace. All-weather outdoor TVs are designed for safe operation, even when permanently installed outdoors. And their power cords are rated for outdoor use.

4. Performance

No one wants to watch a picture with annoying glare or black spots, but that’s what you’ll be faced with when your TV isn’t equipped to be outside. Regular TVs aren't designed to be viewed in the bright outdoors. Brightness is measured in "nits," and indoor TVs produce peak brightness of around 350-450 nits. Outdoor TVs can get much brighter, with ratings in the 700+ nit range.

5. Warranty Issues

Obviously, if you install an indoor TV outside, you’re voiding the warranty. So if your picture goes out on the very first day, you’re out of luck (and some serious cash).

6. Time and Money

No one wants to bother rolling out and setting up a TV every time you want to be outside. It will be a waste of time and eventually money when your technology and quite possibly your home is damaged. But when you install the right outdoor TV, you will experience safe, high-quality entertainment for the life of the TV.

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