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BlueSpeed AV Office Slated For A New Location in South Tulsa
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BlueSpeed AV Office Slated For A New Location in South Tulsa

BlueSpeed Office Construction 1

We are thrilled to announce we are growing and are in the process of moving into a new BlueSpeed AV office in South Tulsa! We will be releasing more photos as it comes along and move-in commences, but until then here is a sneak peek at the space in transition: SEE PHOTOS...

BlueSpeed Office Construction 2

Above: The office will feature an impressive sports entertainment space with the all the media, video, audio distribution you will ever want! When complete, this room will be transformed into the pinnacle entertainment for partygoers. 

BlueSpeed Office Construction 3

Above: Several sleek lighting features will be included throughout the office. This smooth design points a beautiful glow up and over the space. This ensure the lighting is never harsh or uninviting! 

BlueSpeed Office Construction 4

Above: This large area will be converted into a conference room, staff offices and a client welcome space with all the best custom technology and networking. Many times, it's the technology you don't see, but can feel when you walk into a room, that makes a space amazing! 

BlueSpeed Office Construction 5

Above: More in-wall lighting features along the office hallways.
Below: A modern industrial lighting design welcomes visitors downstairs. 

BlueSpeed Office Construction 6

These photos were just a sprinkling of the look and feel of the new office. Ultimately, our goal is to make the entire Bluespeed AV office totally immersive as a walkthrough experience for our clients and those interested in experiencing the technology firsthand. We love maknig custom technology simple and smart, both of which will be very evident in the new space; and we look forward to sharing the new office with you soon! 

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