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Get Peace Of Mind Maintenance For Your Home Technology

BlueSpeed now offers the Blue Ribbon Support to assist clients with the long term, proactive care of their technology systems.

Get Peace Of Mind Maintenance For Your Home Technology

"When it comes to service we choose to be proactive, not reactive," said Ryan Sullivan, BlueSpeed founder. "To say you won't have issues with your technology is not realistic, and maintenance should be on the mind of every technology owner."

The Blue Ribbon Support program's basic level covers general maintenance, cleaning and firmware updates that are typically overlooked due busy schedules. In this level, the BlueSpeed team visits your system 2-4 times per year for a preventative check-up. Much like visiting the medical doctor for check-ups, these visits make sure everything is running correctly.

However, for clients who desire a more comprehensive support approach, the Blue Ribbon Extended Support level is a great option.

"Our extended support allows your technology system to be observed for optimum performance through consistent monitoring, expert troubleshooting, monthly system health reports and more," said Sullivan. "This level works well for customers who want to keep an eye on their system at all times. So, if it goes off line, reboots, or has communication errors, we will automatically be notified and can perform service calls on the equipment."

BlueSpeed's new support program also takes care of those customers who have had equipment installed by another company.

"Several of our clients have had systems installed by other integrators and for some reason or another they needed a fresh face to work on their technology," said Sullivan. "We don't leave our clients out in the dark, so we can design custom Blue Ribbon packages, if needed."

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