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How to Enhance Your Whole Smart Home with Lighting & Shading Solutions

Smart Home Lighting Shading Solutions

BlueSpeed AV offers the highest quality lighting and shading solutions for luxurious living. Our products brighten your entire smart home and amplify the purpose and mood of each room. Complement the spaces you love with our customized lighting and shading options which offer versatility, comfort, security and style along with functional advantages for your enjoyment. 

Personalized Design for Every Room

Distinguish each space in your home by choosing from a wide selection of window treatment fabrics, styles, and technologies to match your vision and exceed your expectations. Adding window treatments will not only add class to each room, but also stylish function—such as protecting your furniture from damaging UV rays, decreasing glare on television and computer screens, and managing the natural light in your home while preserving views. 

Shading Choices

We offer a variety of shading solutions to choose from in order to match your home’s unique design elements. Some of the selections include: Pleated Shades—for added room dimension; Horizontal Sheer Blinds—for soft elegance; Honeycomb Shades—for insulation; Wood Blinds—where you control the tilt of the blinds; and Roman Shades

Hard-to-Reach Shades

Does your home have a window that is hard to reach? BlueSpeed AV installs automated shades in those out-of-reach windows and you can adjust them from a distance. It’s as easy as the touch of a button, and the shading system responds with a seamless transition any time of the day! Allow our shades to block unwanted glare, decrease temperatures in the summer, and create a comfortable atmosphere every season of the year.

Coordinate Lights and Shades Simultaneously

From the ease of your favorite recliner or couch, perfect your entertainment space by adjusting shades with one simple touch, and lighting with another touch. In your home theatre or family room, create the optimal atmosphere to enjoy your favorite movie or sporting event—as the lights dim and the shades lower simultaneously without a hitch.

The Versatility of Dimmers

Enjoy the adaptability and diversity offered in each room by incorporating sophisticated dimmer switches designed for your unique needs. For example, with the touch of a dimmer switch, your kitchen can be transformed from a vibrant family dinner atmosphere to a calm romantic dinner experience. Plus, dimmers are beautifully designed with a variety of sleek colors so to compliment your home’s decor now and in the future.

Light Your Pathway

At night, with one simple button, light a path from your bedroom to other areas of your home to walk securely from one room to another. Think of the ease with which you will move about free from harm, with a clearly illuminated path before you at night. Additionally, “thinking” buttons actually generate a variety of light settings from the same button—doing the thinking for you based on what time of day it is. Pressing the “pathway” button after 5 a.m. produces a path of light to your kitchen, while pressing the same button between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. produces a path of light to your bathroom.

Lighting and Shade Control from Any Location

Adjust your lights and shades from home or anywhere in the world with your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android mobile device. And with your Apple Watch® and our amazing Lutron app, your lights will turn on or off when you are a specific distance away from your home. If you prefer not to use a mobile device hand-held remotes, wall-mounted keypads, or tabletop control can be utilized for easy control.

Vacation and Away Settings

Leave for vacation with confidence, knowing your lights and shades will echo your normal tendencies, removing any clues that you are out of town. Discover the ease of simply pressing the “away” button as you leave home. Lighting and shades will respond precisely the way you prefer—ranging from full lighting to partial lighting, or no lighting at all. For peace of mind, you can easily check the status of your lights and shades anytime you are away from home from the convenience of your smart device.

Window Sensors Adjust Lights and Shades

Based on natural light intensities, our window sensors are able to adjust your lights and shades accordingly. You will consistently enjoy just the right amount of light in each room because the sensors adjust specifically to the current cloud cover, shadows, and light intensity.

Call us today to explore our easy, affordable, luxury solutions customized to surpass your expectations. You won’t be disappointed with BlueSpeed AV’s absolute attention to detail, expert quality service, and product options.

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