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Oklahoma Outdoor Living In Style: The Audio And Lighting Clients Desire
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Oklahoma Outdoor Living In Style

The Audio And Lighting Clients Desire

Oklahoma Outdoor Living In Style

As the popularity of outdoor living grows, more and more Oklahomans are investing in an outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family. These enhanced outdoor areas add to the livable square footage of a residence, and take a business property to the next level in safety and curb appeal.

Large items like outdoor kitchens, pools, patios and seating are commonplace when creating an outdoor living design. However, there are two tech items creating a huge “wow factor” in outdoor environments - lighting and audio design.

Consider the environment elements

Oklahoma is a great place to live, but mother nature isn’t always the easiest to get along with. Oklahomans experience extreme temperatures, flooding, erosion and more! All of which can wreck typical outdoor systems and devastate a client’s budget with replacement costs. Selecting outdoor products that deliver on performance, while able to withstand hard environments is extremely important.

“Highly durable products can withstand the intense Oklahoma weather and environment,” explained Ryan Sullivan, owner of BlueSpeed. “For example, the lighting system we recommend to clients was originally developed for coastal areas where corrosion and storm activity is prevalent. Fertilizers, irrigation, salt from snow, acid rain, and decaying plant matter can all cause corrosion. When you use a system that withstands these factors, you aren’t throwing away a light fixture or entire system every few years. You are doing the earth and your wallet a huge favor.”

Select tried and true products that perform

Find a product line with an impeccable track record of performance. For example, a quality audio system should seamlessly and discreetly integrate into surrounding trees and foliage, while eliminating dead zones in sound delivery.

“The last thing you want is to disturb neighbors or have to shout to guests while entertaining on your outdoor patio. Our system uses satellite speaker technology and a below-ground subwoofer resulting in high quality, crystal clear sound that is the perfect volume throughout the entire back yard,” said Ryan.

Look for design elegance

Unfortunately, in many cases the audio and lighting you see is more eyesore than elegant. But gone are the days of bulky “rocks” with blaring volume. It is possible to utilize innovative new audio and lighting technology that looks amazing in commercial and residential architecture.

“Our landscape, holiday and waterfront lighting products give you the flexibility to plan and grow your outdoor lighting experience. You can create a lighting oasis by directing light where you want with low wattage bulbs that reduce electricity costs, and systems that you will not have to replace every couple of years due to poor design,” said Ryan.

Partner with an expert

Installation is simple and quick when done by a professional team - which passes time and money savings on to clients! A lighting and integration expert can scale the design based on what clients want - leaving them happy with the end result. Plus, those teams knowledgeable in automation can combine the outdoor technology with mobile smart devices for easy control.


Spring is a prime time for people to be thinking about enhancing their landscaping as they look forward to spending more time outside with friends and family. Builders need to be ready to discuss outdoor lighting and audio technology with clients who are building out a home or commercial space during this time. Partnering with a professional audio and lighting team will provide the highest quality solutions, and bank goodwill between builder and client. 

BlueSpeed offers a free demo of their lighting and audio systems at their showroom, or potential customers can schedule the demo at their house or commercial property! 
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