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Take a Tour of the new BlueSpeed AV Office in South Tulsa
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Take a Tour of the new BlueSpeed AV Office in South Tulsa

Take A Tour of the BlueSpeed AV Office in South Tulsa 1

We’ve been busy this summer with our new BlueSpeed AV office on the cusp of completion. With only a few finishing touches left to go, we couldn't wait to share a few updated photos. It's definitely a one-of-a-kind space with way more features than we have web space to show, so if you want to take a closer look we can set you an appointment for a private tour!

When walking into the two-story Galley/BlueSpeed building in South Tulsa, you immediately sense you're about to experience something extraordinary.

You enter through two sleek glass doors to a beautifully lit dream kitchen with the finest finishes and hand-crafted sink designs you have ever seen. Down the hall you see a creative meeting about to begin inside a conference room; the lights are dimming, and shades are quietly lowering in unison. Next-door a wine room features an impressive selection of bottles, painted perfectly with seamless rays of light and ready to be enjoyed at the end of a long day’s work.

Take A Tour of the BlueSpeed AV Office in South Tulsa 5

Work on your swing…

Next, you head upstairs where you meet with the team from BlueSpeed AV, the technology architects behind the building’s design.

You test your swing in the state-of-the-art golf simulator where, with a push of a button, the shades and lighting tune to prime levels for focusing on your game.

Take A Tour of the BlueSpeed AV Office in South Tulsa 3

While relaxing at the bar, you explore the building’s Savant control app which gives you complete command of all media and environmental ambiance around you. The app is easy to use, and you can quickly stream playlists and create your favorite vibe.

Light up a rare car collection…

Downstairs you approach a locked door requiring a key fob entry. The door opens, and the staff member selects the “Event” button on the recessed, Palladiom keypad. The showroom brightens, temperature adjusts, TVs turn on, and a projector screen lowers silently, floating above a jaw-dropping auto collection with light hitting each car's pristine curves.

Take A Tour of the BlueSpeed AV Office in South Tulsa 4

The awe is palpable as you wander over to the specialty candy and soda shoppe and '50s Mobil Gas station, with original features of a time past. You’re astonished by the attention to detail, creativity, and how each space can be controlled straight from the dedicated keypads in each room or from the iPhone in your hand.

Take A Tour of the BlueSpeed AV Office in South Tulsa 6

It’s getting late, so you head for the door with the BlueSpeed team. They hit the “Away” button and the shades and lighting lower simultaneously, media shuts down, and security arms for the entire building.

The outdoor lighting sweeps over the aesthetics of the building straight up to the rising moon, and you realize this building has reinvented what you know about technology…Simple. Intuitive. This technology takes a building from ordinary to extraordinary.

Come see the new space and experience how the technology makes it all happen! Call us at 918-856-3547 or contact us here to schedule a private tour! 


"...A core component of the success of this project has always been the technology that Bluespeed AV recommended and executed on. From the state of the art Lutron system that controls all of our lighting and lighting scenes, to the magnificent sound system throughout, to the high tech security installation, to our electric shades, controlled access points, amazing video installations, and temperature control, this is about as good as it gets. Together with the Bluespeed team, we have brought all the best components of home automation into a commercial setting and did so flawlessly." - Scott Anderson, CEO, The Galley


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