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Your Smart Home Outdoor Lighting Guide for the Fall and Winter
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Your Smart Home Outdoor Lighting Guide for the Fall and Winter

Smart Home Outdoor Lighting Guide

Now the fall season is officially here, it’s the perfect time to give your home some elegant upgrades before the holidays arrive. And while you’re doing so, consider an area that many homeowners overlook — your outdoor lighting. Whether you want lighting enhancements for your landscaping, architecture, waterfront property, or holiday decorations, BlueSpeed is happy to help you select the right solution for your beautiful home. 

Outdoor lighting serves two key functions:

1. It accents your home’s beauty, style and curb appeal. When installed by expert designers, your outside light fixtures help illuminate your home’s most attractive architectural features. Plus, outdoor lighting products can be interfaced with smart home automation systems, giving you complete control to adjust the lighting levels from your smartphone or tablet.

2. It improves your home’s security. Outdoor lighting makes your home more secure by providing safely visible pathways to your doors and garage, while also preventing shadowy spots along your house, discouraging potential intruders.

To help you determine the right plan for your home’s exterior lighting, our lighting professionals at BlueSpeed have these tips and recommendations:

Home Outdoor Lighting

The right product makes all the difference.

There are many outdoor lighting options on the market, so it’s important to find one that fits the unique elements of your home and environmental elements. Oklahoma’s baking-hot summers, severe weather outbreaks, wind and dust can make caring for your home’s exterior a challenge. A durable, thoroughly vetted lighting product line is more likely to resist deterioration due to erosion and other environmental conditions, saving you from costly repairs and replacements down the road.

At BlueSpeed, we offer premier, durable, reliable outdoor lighting solutions from Coastal Source that help homeowners needs illuminate their home’s design, flower beds, and trees during the festive holiday seasons. Coastal Source products have 50+ years of research behind their design, and are tested against the salt, sand, heat, hurricane force winds and rains of Florida. Coastal Source is specifically made to last in long-term, real outdoor conditions and withstand corrosion and UV light damage. Coastal Source fixtures are made completely of brass, with marine grade wiring and fiberglass construction that are resistant to moisture and corrosion. It’s this state-of-the-art durability that makes it the top choice for outdoor lighting application, no matter the location. Not only is Coastal Source lighting products designed to survive the elements, the fixtures have a lifetime warranty resulting in a significant edge over other similar systems.

Fit your needs to your budget.

Lighting installation doesn’t have to drain your bank account. A traditional approach for many companies is to put 60 percent of the cost toward the product and 40 percent toward labor. BlueSpeed, however, keeps the cost of labor at a mere 15 percent of the total costs, allowing our clients freedom to purchase higher-quality lighting systems. Also, when compared to other outdoor lighting systems, our Coastal Source installation takes 80 percent less time, requires less power supplies in order to function, and saves homeowners more energy costs due to the product’s LED and low voltage bulbs. Our experienced outdoor lighting team is happy to discuss how to achieve the best solutions for your home, while keeping your budget in mind.

Consider your home’s special needs.

Every house is unique in character, layout, landscaping and more. Your home is no different, and BlueSpeed takes pride in helping clients choose options that maximize their dwelling’s features across all seasons The Coastal Source line allows homeowners to select from a variety of products that make the most of your landscape, architecture, waterfront and holiday decorations. The lighting system is designed to blend into your home’s natural surroundings, and it’s streamlined installation process makes adding fixtures when you want to expand later, pleasantly simple. During the holiday season, the unique “Starlight” fixture can be aimed at trees and bushes to create the effect of thousands of green twinkling lights, making festive lighting a breeze to set up and put away! And as you do expand and add fixtures to the system, Coastal Source’s 600-watt power supply allows you to put nearly 100 fixtures on one power supply! Versus a traditional system, which only allows for about five to six fixtures per power supply!

Hire the right people.

It goes without saying that the quality and ease of your lighting installation is related to the team that performs the work. BlueSpeed is committed to providing superior service to our clients. And as the exclusive dealer of Coastal Source systems in Northeast Oklahoma, our team is uniquely positioned to assist you in installing a system that is excellent, elegant, and has the potential to grow with your home’s outdoor and smart home needs.

If you’re unsure about outdoor lighting for your home, we encourage you to make an appointment to visit the BlueSpeed office to see Coastal Source lighting products in action.

Our products come with a great warranty to give you peace of mind and unparalleled long-term cost savings. Contact us today to discuss your exterior lighting needs and learn how we can help make your home shine brightly for many years to come.  

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