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Dear Builders, Why Don't You Return Our Calls?

Dear Builders Why Dont You Return Our Calls

Dear Local Builder: Hey there! Yep, it’s us, your local home technology professionals (HTP), we’ve been growing this year, and 2017 looks poised for even more expansion (thanks in large part to projects we have cranking with your competitors). We’ve been doing some thinking about why you won’t talk to us. A few thoughts came to mind...

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Home Builders' Profits Driven by Installed Smart Home Technology

tulsa home builders profits driven by installed smart home technology BlueSpeed

According to the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) 14th Annual State of the Builder Technology Market Study, one-third of U.S. home builders (36 percent) claim to have experienced revenue increases due to home technology installations. Since 2009, the number of builders reporting revenue increases rose more than 10 percentage points, indicating that installed home technology may have helped the home builder industry bounce back from the recession.

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Oklahoma Outdoor Living In Style

The Audio And Lighting Clients Desire

Oklahoma Outdoor Living In Style

As the popularity of outdoor living grows, more and more Oklahomans are investing in an outdoor space to enjoy with friends and family. These enhanced outdoor areas add to the livable square footage of a residence, and take a business property to the next level in safety and curb appeal.

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The Home Automation Craze

Why Clients Want It And How Home Builders Can Be Ready

The Home Automation Craze

Technology is everywhere. There is an app for just about everything, and working smarter is becoming the standard. Smart home technology is becoming more and more accessible to consumers and is expected by clients when planning a new home build. Televisions, music, lighting, surveillance, media, temperature control, and the list can go on and on.

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